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It is here - Java Plugin for Firefox on 64bit Linux (tested with Ubuntu) -
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It's here - Java Plugin for Firefox on 64bit Linux (tested with Ubuntu)

Published on my Sun Blog too...

An issue that bothered many users of 64bit Linux is hopefully a history since JavaSE 6u12, which is now available in development version (therefore it is not a stable build and it is not recommended for "production use"). I have managed to install a Java plugin for Firefox on my 64bit Ubuntu - installation was pretty flawless...

Confirmed here:­­a.html

So, what do you need to do in order to have a working Java in your Firefox on 64bit Linux?

1. Rollback all your previous attempts to make Java working - if you don't perform this step, the result is uncertain... This includes especially following:

  • Make sure you have 64bit version of Firefox (previous workaround was to use 32bit version of browser). Note that there is also a 64bit Flash plugin for Linux available, so 32bit version of browser should not be needed anymore...
  • Remove IcedTea/gcj/... plugin if you were using it

2. Download JRE 6u12 (an early access) from pages with JavaSE 6u12 dowloads (you can use this link pointing to the b03) and install Java to any desired folder (I would suggest /usr/lib/jvm folder for Ubuntu users, this is where Ubuntu places Java by default)...

3. Create a link (ln) pointing to the Java plugin (file <JRE_FOLDER>/lib/am­d64/ in the ~/.mozilla/plugins folder (to let Firefox know where the new plugin is...) - maybe you will have to create this folder (I had to)

4. Make sure the installation didn't interfere with the rest of your Java environment and that you are using stable Java system wide (call java -version). If not, reconfigure your Java environment, for example using update-java-alternatives command (thank's to Petr Chytil for the hint)

Hope this works for you, now you should be able to check out some sweet JavaFX demos, for example...

If you experience any troubles, please share them in discussion below...

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